Friday, August 16th, 2013 Focus: I forget the bad that happened in my past, and I get on with my life.

The champion has the mind of a winner. And the winner’s mind is filled with a firm, unshakable belief in good. A winner leaves no room for doubt. Doubt to a winner is like what being out of condition is to an athlete — a real handicap. The winner stays in condition by staying with this belief.

In order to achieve good, one’s mind has to be free of any encumbrances: blocks, barriers, and other “deadweight.” The only thought allowed to occupy and condition the winner’s mind is that good, and only good, is and will continue to be one’s constant expectation and experience.

That means the winner forgets whatever happened that was not good in the past, sets new goals, and moves forward to achieve these goals — that is, the winner gets on with his/her life.

Excerpted from the article:
The Game of Life: Living In The Winner’s Circle
by O.C. Smith & James Shaw.

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