Thursday, May 30th, 2013 Focus: I choose to connect with and express my true talents and abilities, in service to others.

Everyone seeks greater happiness. Yet few can claim they are truly happy. Does happiness arise by attaining a certain status, or by finding the love of your life? All the great masters and religious scriptures tell us happiness can only be found within. Nothing outside of your Self can bring genuine lasting happiness.

If you chase happiness in the things of this world, you will eventually become disillusioned. No matter how much stuff you acquire, how much you are admired or loved, how much money, status, or prestige you get, how famous you are, how many accolades you receive, how many children you raise, how much you travel, how thin and beautiful you are, how expensive your house, car, designer clothing, and diamond jewelry, you will never find lasting happiness from any of these.

The only real happiness comes from inner contentment, acquired from living a genuine, purposeful, and meaningful life, for the good of all. When you connect with who you really are, and express your true talents and abilities, in service to others, then you realize true, lasting contentment.

Excerpted from the article:
Helpful Keys to Help You Discover, Enjoy & Hold On to Happiness
by Susan Shumsky, DD

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