Saturday, March 9th, 2013 Focus: I choose to fill my life with fun, laughter, and love.

The change that is upon us is one of perception. Our perceptions are being enhanced, our intuitions are awakening, our third eyes are dilating, our hearts are open­ing. It is a change of consciousness, of the way we look at the world, of the world itself appearing fundamentally different to us than it does today.

We are shifting into another dimension and, when the dust settles, life will be akin to the feeling you had when you were young; playing with your neighborhood friends around sunset, and your mother calling out and saying that it was time for you to come inside. You were having so much fun. . . . Then your mother remembered there wasn’t any school tomorrow, so she yelled out from the back door that you and your friends could stay out and play for as long as you like.

Remember that? Having so much fun that you didn’t want it to end — ever? That’s the way life is supposed to be, and that is the feeling the new world offers to us.

Excerpted from the article:
The Great Deception: Finding Your True Heart
by Tony Burroughs.

Continue reading the article here:
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