Sunday, February 17th, 2013 Focus: I choose to no longer be bothered by the behavior of others.





The day you are no longer bothered by the behavior of others is the day when you will be able to truly love, understand, listen and be close to them. They can be right up close to you, telling you in detail what they are going through and you’ll be able to listen to them without tiring.

Whenever you feel your energy has been sapped, analyze the person with whom you were talking and say to yourself, “The difficulty he’s had in his life, all that he talked to me about, I have all this within me. It has resonated with some of my memories and makes me feel heavy and lacking in energy.”

One day, we will have acquired such a capacity for loving another person that we will be able to give him a great sense of well-being simply by listening. We all do this at whatever level our resonance allows us to. Whether or not we like it or are aware of it, we are constantly linked to others and we exchange energy with them exactly like in dreams.

Excerpted from the article: 
Working with the Symbols & Symbolic Language of Life and Dreams — by Kaya.


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