Monday, December 10th, 2012 Focus: I look at everything in my life as a gift.

Following the Sacred TrailI look upon the very sight of the rainbow as a gift, just as I look upon the very sight of the eagle as a gift, and the squirrel, and the ant, and the rock, and the little dandelions, and the rain, and all living beings in the Circle of Life.

I know that a rainbow is not a rainbow without all of its colors, just as the Sacred Web of Life cannot exist without every one of its strands in harmony and balance. We usually don’t look upon a rainbow and think about how much prettier the red looks than the blue or how much nicer the whole thing would be if it were curved in a different way or not curved at all.

We usually either look upon the rainbow as something of great beauty in and of itself, or we may just ignore it almost altogether. The point is, when we look upon something as a gift, we tend to accept it as it is, to appreciate it as it is, and it just makes us feel good. There is a sense of connection. It touches something within us and somehow grants us sacred moments of harmony.

Excerpted from the article:
Following the Sacred Trail

by Michael Garrett.

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Walking on the Wind: Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance — by Michael Garrett.

In the spirit of the highly acclaimed Medicine of the Cherokee, coauthored with his father J. T. Garrett, Michael Garrett shares with us the delightful, all-ages stories passed down from his great-grandfather and other medicine teachers. Blending his background as an Eastern Cherokee with his skills as a counselor, Michael reveals through these tales how to make sense of our experiences in life, see beauty in them, and be at peace with our choices.

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Leaving the Body: Death is only a Transition by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

The Great Deception: Finding Your True Heart by Tony Burroughs

Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans by Stewart Pearce

Tender Words About You: You Are Good Enough! by Robert V. Taylor.

Blessings and Resolutions: Giving of Yourself Where You Are Needed by Eldon Taylor

Root Causes of Unitive and Punitive Justice: Oneness and Duality by Sylvia Clute

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