Monday, December 3rd, 2012 Focus: I practice slowing down and being more present.

– Practice slowing down and being more present: Allow the light of your conscious presence into your daily activities.

– Take a few deep breaths, noticing the four parts of breath: in breath, pause, out breath, pause.

– Imagine an open flow of clear communication and light down through the energy center at the top of your head (crown chakra). Feel the whole body brighten and lighten. Ask the universe to guide you to whatever you need to know.

Excerpted from the article:
Illuminating the Illusions: Practicing Attention & Intention  —  by Roy Holman.

Read the rest of this article here:
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Forward today’s Daily to a friend! Share the blessings 🙂

Healing Self, Healing Earth: Awakening Presence, Power, and Passionby Roy Holman.

article is excerpted from the book: Healing Self, Healing Earth by Roy
HolmanA comprehensive, yet practical and easy to read guide to being human. Learn how to be present, care for the body, overcome adversity, and be your authentic, powerful, and passionate self. Includes Native and indigenous wisdom regarding 2012 Earth changes and how to prepare oneself, while helping heal the Earth.

Click here for more info and/or to order on Amazon.
<a href=”″>AOL click here</a>


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