Monday, November 19th, 2012 Focus: I have the courage to face my judgments, vengeance, anxiety, and resentments.

Our endless dream of having the courage to face our judgment, our vengeance, our anxiety, our resentments and to live with them is captured in this ancient story told to schoolchildren in India. It is the lesson of the King Cobra, who grows the largest and lives the longest.

An ordinary cobra keeps spewing venom and so becomes a feared snake. But the King Cobra doesn’t bite and waste its poison. It retains, retains, and retains its venom so very patiently, with caution, in meditation for long, long years. Until the poison somehow condenses and solidifies into a diamond. When all its venom becomes a diamond, the King Cobra spits out the jewel that living has produced and dies in bliss.

Dare we understand this as our purpose? The diamond of love waits to be crystallized in each of us.

Excerpted from the article:
Turning Venom into Diamonds: How to Move from Vengeance to Empathy by Mark Nepo.

Read the rest of this article here:
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Finding Inner Courage
by Mark Nepo.

Finding Inner Courage by Mark
Nepo.The book is divided into three sections — finding our inner core, standing by our inner core, and sustaining the practice of living from that place. Each of the nearly 60 brief essays and stories elucidates and inspires. Mark Nepo’s broad range of stories and people, of traditions and insights, offers myriad ways for readers to relate to their own search for courage.

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Revolution! The First Principle of Aquarius & The Aquarian Age by Dan Furst

Intimate Relationships: Settle for Nothing Less Than Complete Honesty and Transparency by Isha Judd



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