Saturday, September 15th, 2012 Focus: I remember that I always have a choice: peace or anger.

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

I remember that I always have a choice: peace or anger.

There are many occasions in life where our “inner peace” is challenged. Whether it is sitting in a traffic jam while late for work, or having someone cut you off dangerously on the highway, or having someone say something to you that triggers your anger…

All these situations are occasions where we are presented with a choice: peace or anger. Sometimes, we react so quickly that the angry words are out of our mouth before we have a chance to even think… Yet, we have a choice about whether to continue the anger, to prolong an argument, or to choose peace.

Choosing peace is not always easy. It involves swallowing our pride, putting our ego down a notch or two, and possibly even letting the other person feel like they “won”. Yet who truly wins? The person who is eaten up with anger and hatred, or the person who remains at peace internally?

Excerpted from: Let It Begin With Me by Marie T. Russell.

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