Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Focus: I forgive myself for my failures, and I forgive others for theirs as well.

Most of us have some corner where we cannot forgive ourselves. Our hearts ache for the choices made or denied, and we bury that ache beneath a blanket of guilt or high-minded justifications.

It is no crime to be less than our dreams, or to stumble and fall on life’s path. The crime is in refusing to get up and move toward the light, or in being unwilling to embrace those around us who have fallen in their own way.

If we can forgive ourselves for our failures — not seven times, but seventy times seven — we can forgive others for their failures. We know that we are all humans, struggling by the lights we have toward our vision of good.

Excerpted from: Can You Forgive Yourself? by Kent Nerburn.

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