I am going to write my first real Blog…..Today is the first day of the rest of my Life!

Hello. I am a working musician and a full time student attending The University of Maine at Augusta to get my Degree in Mental Health and Human Services,…. to achieve Certification as an Alcohol and Drug counselor.

If you have ever read my Blogs, you  know they are not my words. I usually copy and paste inspiring or influential blogs from 3rd party sources(and I always reference others’ work!). Up until today, I have not been ready or willing to let my private thoughts enter into the digital realm. A very tough decision, yet lately I have become inspired and have been learning so much about so many things; while starting my senior year in college again! This time I am studying another side of the human being. The side that we either let loose or let go, which has been my chosen career….bad or good….being a musician has been a true blessing and a curse.

Therefore I am going to share my experiences as a musician, and now as an Addiction Recovery Coach for people in the throws of addiction. If this is OK….. then read on…if not click off and read something else! It is a new day in my life!

Life happens every day when we wake up! So I am going to use this time on earth wisely. More to come.

Too all that I know, and the people that still do not know me personally. I love you. Please enjoy your life.



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