Friday, March 30th, 2012 Focus: I let go of worry and I choose to trust the process of life.

Certainly, one of the key buzzwords has become stress. Every individual feels it, deals with it, and is overpowered by it at at one time or another. As the pace of our busy lives increases, so does the intensity of stress in all of us.

The medical community is recognizing the deadly role that stress plays in the cause of illness. It is a major factor in the suppression of the immune system, creating susceptibility to disease. Frantic and demanding jobs, lifestyles and environmental disturbance all lead to and create stress.

Mental stress takes the form of worry. Humans are the only creatures on Earth who worry. Worry is a lack of emotional control and instinctive faith in the perfection of life’s unfolding process. Chronic worry is a bad habit that severely stresses the body on all levels.

Excerpted from: Is Your Stress Affecting Your Pets and Those You Love? by Sage Holloway.

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