Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Focus: I choose to listen to the voice of my inner guide rather than the dictates of the masses.

At some point in our soul’s evolution each of us discovers that the world is not working according to the rules that we have been taught to serve.

We learn that the way most people approach life is not a healthy guide for us. It becomes clear that the institutions to which we have been encouraged to pay homage are little more than empty shells of long ago withdrawn ideals, and the nations of the world are as lost, alone, and afraid as the individuals who make them up.

To put it simply, the world is not succeeding according to the illusions after which it is pining. We see that if we are to find some kind of peace and solace we are going to have to hearken to the voice of an inner guide rather than the dictates of the masses.

Excerpted from: Natural or Regular by Alan Cohen.

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