Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 Focus: I look at myself and see where love is lacking.

It was found years ago, that many alcoholics are diabetics… In other words, the sugar they crave is found in the process of converting alcohol to sugar in the body… However, what is a diabetic really craving?

Louise Hay in the book You Can Heal Your Life, says that the “probably cause” (or metaphysical cause) of diabetes is “deep sorrow, no sweetness left”… Thus the craving for sugar corresponds to a craving for “sweetness”, or love.

While not being a diabetic, when I find myself craving ice cream, I realize that I am really craving love… so I look at my life, and see where it is lacking. I first tend to look outwards (i.e. who isn’t giving me love), but eventually I must come around to the real source — myself. And I then find that I haven’t been loving to myself, either by not eating well, working too much, not taking enough time for me, being angry at myself for something, etc.

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Excerpted from: Craving Something? Can It Be Fulfilled?
by Marie T. Russell.


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