– Today’s Focus: I choose to pay attention to what is going on inside of me. – Daily Inspiration:

Do you know who you are? I mean, who you REALLY are? Or do you just know the summation of your patterned behaviors, words, thoughts and feelings? Typically we think we know ourselves, and we call our patterns a personality. But often this personality is really just an identity — a mask, costume and role that we’ve lived into for so long that we think it is who we are.

Eventually however, we reach a pivotal crisis in which the role no longer works, or we develop so much pain that we have to consider the possibility that this role will not continue to work. The next question becomes “How do I find out who I am?” And there are many ways to do that, but all of them require that we begin to pay more attention to what is going on inside than we do what is going on outside of us.

Looking at some of our projections, paying attention to our desires, noticing our so-called negative feelingsand allowing them to inform us of what we are doing that is inauthentic, looking at our original belief systems as opposed to just accepting what we’ve been taught — these are all methods by which we can begin the journey to the inner terrain and the authentic Self.

EXCERPTED FROM the article:
Restoring My Soul: The Authentic Self
by Andrea Mathews. 

TO READ MORE of this excerpt, go to
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